IMMEDIATE HIRE Data Analyst Capgemini/Guard Insurance 100% Remote Long Term Data Analyst with P&C experience Qualifications: · 4+ years of data analysis experience · Experience within the specialty insurance industry (*required - Examples: P&C, Business Owner's Policy, Commercial Auto, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation, Homeowners/Renters, Personal Umbrella, etc.) · Strong SQL coding experience (*required) · Ability to capture requirements and write functional specifications (*required) · Visualize data that was extracted using PowerBI (*required) · Proficiency in SQL, Metadata Management, Python, R, and BI tools like Tableau or Power BI. · Solid understanding of statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data mining techniques. · Good communication skills with the ability to convey complex data insights clearly. · Develop and implement automated scripts or workflows to facilitate data preparation tasks, including data cleaning, normalization, and validation. · Proficient in preparing data for ETL processes, including extraction, transformation, and loading, while ensuring data quality, integrity, and compatibility with target systems. Key Responsibilities: · Collaborate with data product owners to refine requirements for new data products. · Translate business requirements into technical specifications, ensuring data products deliver valuable insights. · Apply expertise in data analysis and visualization to enhance the functionality and impact of data products. · Curate metadata to ensure data accessibility, understandability, and usability. · Implement metadata standards and best practices for enhanced data discoverability. · Coordinate with data governance teams to maintain alignment with quality, privacy, and compliance standards. · Develop and maintain source-to-target mappings for data integration projects. · Ensure accurate translation of data from source systems to target databases. · Assist in designing and developing data products that deliver actionable insights. · Create documentation and guides for data sets and products, promoting accessibility and understanding. · Conduct training sessions to improve data literacy across the organization has context menu.